Welcome to The Refugee Bicycle Club in and around Copenhagen! We have set ourselves up to connect refugees who recently arrived & need bikes with those who can offer bikes that are no longer used.

Together with Café Parforce, located at Klampenborg train station, we offer a place to drop off or pick up bikes that help refugees and we help bring the best of our community together.

Here's how it works

To offer bikes
Step 1. Fill out the form below to offer your bikes. Let us know any easy fixes or unique traits they have!
Step 2. Drop the bikes off at Café Parforce, Klampenborg Station during opening hours. If it's after hours, leave them at the back and shoot us a message. If you have multiple bikes, we can arrange a convenient pickup.

To request bikes
Step 1. Need a ride? Tell us what you're looking for by filling out the form below.
Step 2. Once we find your perfect match, we'll hit you up to plan the pickup!
Step 3. Your bikes will be all spick and span, waiting for you at Café Parforce, Klampenborg Station. Let the adventures begin! 🚴‍♂️✨

And there's more

Whether you are an 'offeror', a 'requester' or just 'a liker', you can choose to join The Refugee Bicycle Club and be part of a friendly community that welcomes refugees. You'll get opportunities to get more from the Club such as social events, meet ups, cycle tours or a place to connect with one another. Click our social page links at the bottom of this page or opt in on the form.

Offer or Request Bikes



What condition of bike can be offered?
Please only offer bikes that are in reasonable condition and will be easy to fix up and ride safely. Flat tyres, dust, squeaky brakes are ok with us.

Who can receive free bikes?
If you have recently arrived in Denmark and have refugee or special status then you can receive a free bike for you and those with you. We take no responsibility for the classification of status.

How many bikes can I receive?
We will try to match you with the bikes that cover your needs. Once matched with all bikes we will get in touch.

How will you decide who receives what bikes?
We will offer bikes on a first come, first served basis. We will only be able to offer as many bikes as we receive.

How long will it take?
We will work on a supply and demand basis from the submitted forms, so once we can make a match we will be in touch.

What if I do not hear from you?
We will let you know as soon as your requirements have been met but we are not able to guarantee bikes will become available. We will not be able to respond to requests for updates.

Will you pick up bikes that are offered?
The preference is that bikes are dropped off at the back door of Café Parforce. Keys and names can be left in the letterbox. Bikes can be picked up locally and can be collected by van from further away if the supply is high enough.

Will you be making any money from this?
There is no profit from this. Any money from donations will cover essential costs and anything extra will be donated to UNHCR, the UN refugee agency.

What will you do with my data?
We will not share your data with anyone. If you would like to receive further updates from the Refugee Bicycle Club such as social events, cycle rides or other information to help be part of a friendly community here in Denmark then you can choose to opt in to contact.

Where is Café Parforce and Klampenborg Station?
Café Parforce is at the end of the platform at Klampenborg Station. Klampenborg Station is about 15 mins from the centre of Copenhagen on the S train Line C. It is the last stop and a great place to cycle as it is by the sea and the forest.


Donate your bike to give it a new purpose.

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